EDI Mean On Tupac’s Unreleased Angie Martinez Hot 97 Interview

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

Speaking with Cam Capone News, EDI Mean spoke on the infamous Angie Martinez Hot 97 unreleased interview.

The interview was conducted at the very peak of the historic east and west coast hip hop beef. Angie Martinez has said in the past that the interview was never released due to the toxic topic that Tupac Shakur was spewing in the program.



Members of the Outlawz over the years have spoken out for Tupac since he is not here to speak on the time period. Napoleon who is no longer a hip hop artist after becoming a Muslim, has stated that the Angie Martinez interview would have landed Tupac back in prison.

EDI Mean is another member of the Outlawz that has spoke on the 90s era and whatever stories he has of Tupac Shakur. In the Cam Capone News interview, he revealed Tupac had The Outlawz with nicknames to counter the alter names of other rappers such as Nas with Nas Escobar and Biggie Smalls with Frank White.


EDI Mean broke down how his beef with Xzibit was squashed and that they are now good friends who have recently made a song together. The Outlaw member then spoke about the infamous Angie Martinez interview, but says he “doesn’t remember a lot of the specifics” because it was a long time ago.

However, he did say “Tupac was anxious” to let everyone know what was going on at the time though. He wanted to “let the record straight” and believes “that was the real point of the interview.”

2pac interview

EDI Mean believes at the time, Tupac felt it was best to clear the air with the Queen of New York radio, but EDI Mean is not sure if Tupac was upset or not about the interview never being released. He did deny that Tupac gave Angie Martinez a gun to feel safe on the streets of New York after conducting the interview.

Maybe in the future, Angie Martinez will break open the vault or perhaps it is best to leave the situation alone. Time will tell.

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