Eminem Chops It Up With LL Cool J

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LL Cool J is a legend who paved the way for artists like Eminem. This makes for an interesting interview as Slim Shady admits to almost getting himself moist when meeting the icon.


“The Slim Shady EP that we pressed up staring moving some decent amount of units,” he says. “We had a guy in Vegas who wanted to buy 5,000 of ’em. We were like, ‘Oh shit!’ So, we go to Vegas. We started running around, putting the shit on consignment at different stores and stuff. I come back to the hotel just from doing that and Marky Bass was like, ‘Man, we gotta a call from some doctor. He wants to meet with you.’ I’m like, ‘Don’t fuck with me. Don’t fuck with me. Do not fuck with me.’

Eminem was not afraid to let it be known he was a huge fan of Dr. Dre and that should be quite apparent on “Forgot About Dre” as he speaks with the man who was behind the hits of N.W.A.

“‘Cause I remember I was in the car with these two chicks right before I went out to Vegas to sell the tapes and they were playing ‘Phone Tap.’ I was like, ‘Yo, if I could just get with Dre. Oh my god.’ Literally a week later, we got a meeting with Dre when we go out there. Then he walks in and I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.’ That was it.”




Eminem speaks about the first time he ever met the man behind “Rock The Bells” as he states:

“Next thing you know, I’m in Foot Locker with Curtis Tucker and she’s getting outfits for the ‘Just Don’t Give A Fuck’ video and I see you [LL Cool J].

“I’m like, ‘Yo, he’s in here by himself. I was buggin’ the fuck out. You quoted a lyric back to me [from ‘Role Model’]. You said, ‘Yo, how can I be white/I don’t even exist.’ You quoting that lyric back to me, I think I shit myself.”

“Stan” is one of the songs that cemented Eminem into hip hop lore and he talks about the process behind the hit song.

“When I first got in the game, I didn’t understand a lot of shit,” he explains. “If you were walking outside the venue after a show, you saw some fans and took some pictures and shit, there’s always going to be somebody that you don’t get a chance to get to. That was one of the things that I started seeing.

“It was my first experience with it … I think it was combination of what I was going through at that time and experiencing fame for the first time and all that stuff.”

He adds, “I basically put myself in the fan’s shoes.”

The Eminem interview is part of the upcoming inaugural episode of LL’s new monthly show, The Influence Of Hip Hop, which will be co-hosted by DJ Z-Trip.

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