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Eminem – Darkness

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Eminem surprised the hip hop world with a new album entitled “Music To Be Murdered By”, but also dropped “Darkness” visuals mere minutes afterwards. The music video takes place in a Las Vegas hotel room where he’s drowning in alcohol, prescription pill bottles, guns and bullets, contemplating what would happen if he unloaded on the concertgoers below.

The camera pans to a collection of television sets in the shape of the United States.

On every channel is a news story about a different mass shooting. The text reads, “When Will This End? When Enough People Care.”

The video ends with a prompt to register to vote at Vote.Gov.

On Eminem’s official website, fans are encouraged to visit several organizations — including Giffords Law Center, Brady United Against Gun Violence and Everytown For Gun Safety — to find out how to help or learn more about putting an end to senseless gun violence and/or to help survivors and their families.

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