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Eminem Makes New World Record Spitting 229 Words In 30 Seconds On “Godzilla”

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slim shady
Slim Shady surprised many with his latest album entitled “Music To Be Murdered By”. Eminem did a few collaborations on this project with the likes of Slaughterhouse minus Joe Budden, but what the album may turn out to be famous for is a new world record.

Eminem hit a record with the “Godzilla” track where he became the fastest rapper ever by spitting 339 syllables in 30 seconds.

It´s 11.3 syllables per second (on ‘Majesty’ and “Rap God” he spits 1.0 and 1.7 syllables respectively).

You can listen to the track:

@HipHopNumbers provided another set of fascinating numbers. According to their estimations, on “Music to be Murdered By” Eminem switches flow every 21.1 seconds or 9 bars. He makes 7.7 switches per song, with the most switches – 12 – on “Farewell” and “Marsh” and the least – 3 – on “Premonition”.

On “Music to be Murdered By” Marshall switched 131 times between 30 unique flows.

Eminem switches his flow 131 times on Music to be Murdered By 🤯

1 Flow Switch every 21.1 Seconds (or 9 Bars)
7.7 Flow Switches Per Song
Most – 12 (Farewell & Marsh)
Least – 3 (Premonition)

I counted 30 unique flows

Top-tier technician. Still in rotation?

— Hip Hop By The Numbers (@HipHopNumbers) January 21, 2020

“Music To Be Murdered By” joined other two Eminem’s albums on Top 10 All Time – but only by user score.

Metacritic is a website that accumulates professional reviews and users’ opinions, coming up with a fairly objective, or at least not a one-dimensional perspective on creative work put out there by artists.

However, quite often it demonstrates an unbreachable gap between what industry opinion-makers and the public. This is exactly what is happening to the latest Marshall’s release.

Critic rating for MTBMB is 66 and it consists of 11 reviews, 6 of which are positive and 5 are mixed. No negative reviews at all so far, which is new. But 66 is a mediocre score for a mediocre album and listeners are disagree with this.

As of today, the user score for MTBMB is 9.1. It is interpreted as a universal acclaim based on 1242 ratings.