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Eminem dropped  a bomb on the music industry with the album Kamikaze and now he is trending with a song for the Venom soundtrack. Venom, starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, arrives in theaters yesterday and is the last single on Eminem’s latest album.


The movie blogs seem to be happy with the visuals for the classic superhero as described below:

“The Venom music video begins with a young man walking down the street and discovering an old Eminem CD on the sidewalk. He stops to pick it up and pulls a black mysterious disc from the tattered case, which starts to tease the look of the symbiote. The man is clearly infected and starts rapping lines to Eminem’s song, twitching and convulsing as the rapper tries to take over its new host. The virus is passed through touch, which sees the symbiote spread across the city, from a young child to parents, partiers, and best of all, a little dog”.