New details regarding Kim Scott‘s hospitalization have emerged which show the state she was in when police arrived at her hotel room, last month, after being alerted that she may have attempted suicide. The police report, which has been obtained by Page Six, gives a graphic account of what went down on July 30th.

Scott, who was married to Eminem at multiple points in the 2000s, was found with an “unidentified object” in her hands and had a “large amount of smeared blood” surrounding her, which was caused by “deep lacerations on legs.”

The report explains that Scott had attempted to fight the officers on the scene and noted that she had “difficulty speaking, was slurring her speech and later fluctuated in various levels of consciousness.”

Additionally, a cardboard box was discovered in the room that was covered in “haphazard messages” addressed to Scott’s family, as well as a “self-made ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ request” that was stuck to the box with a “patch of blood.”

Scott’s suicide attempt came days after the death of her mother, Kathleen Sluck, who passed away at 65 years old on July 23. Her funeral was held on July 29th, the day before Scott was hospitalized.