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Empire Series Finale Preview & Throwback Taraji P Henson vs 50 Cent Report


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Tuesday April 21st 2020 marks the end of one of the biggest shows for urban entertainment in history. The Fox television hit show, Empire, will present the season finale tonight. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the series halted its tapings which has led to a premature finale that was not originally intended. The season was suppose to reach a 20-episode season. We will see material from the penultimate hour that was partially shot.

Daniels says in a statement that he is “heartbroken we aren’t getting to shoot the finale we wanted.” Lee Daniels and Danny Strong left the possibility for a movie down the line to finish up any loose ends.

The show debuted in January of 2015 and was an instant smash. “Empire” ranked as broadcast TV’s top-rated drama that season. A monstrous 17.6 million viewers tuned in to see the season one finale.

As Nielsen Media Research noted, its two-part finale that spring generated 2.4 million tweets, more than any other series. The soundtrack sold more than 430,000 copies, staying on the Billboard charts for 19 consecutive weeks. It is no doubt one of the biggest shows in black entertainment history.

Speaking to EW in December, showrunner Brett Mahoney revealed that the last batch of episodes would focus on what Empire has been about from the start.

“It’s all about family,” he explained. “It’s such an explosive family with so much drama but also so much love for one another, so the question is, will the love they have for one another be able to withstand all of the drama that they bring to it? And will they come out of these last 10 episodes standing, or will they come out of it torn apart? It’s really getting to the core issues of family and the Lyon family, right where we started.”

WorldWide Entertainment TV pays tribute to the series with this classic throwback from our WWETV Network archives. At the start of the third season, there were a few rumors and conflicts surrounding the hit series that have shifted the spotlight from the scripted drama to real life drama. First, there was tension between Empire star Taraji P. Henson and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, the man behind Power on Starz.

Despite extremely different story lines, the two shows had often been referred to as a rival series. 50 Cent who is still a king of trolling added fuel to the fire by posting a photo as a jab at his ex Vivica A. Fox who also stars on Empire. Check out the classic report below.