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EPMD & ABC with #WorldWide Host Ms. Goldi

Parrish Smith & Ms. Goldi

(WWETV Network) WorldWide Entertainment TV is known for having an eye for the latest up and coming artists from around the world, but we are also known for paying homage to the legends who paved the way when they are alive to smell the roses.

Over the weekend it was the birthday of Ms. Goldi aka Yonkers 1st Lady. During her celebrations she took photo ops with iconic New York rapper Parrish Smith of the legendary EPMD.

EPMD Crossover

Ironically, their biggest hit was entitled “Crossover” which was a indictment on the hip hop world’s transition in the 90’s from underground to mainstream. The group’s name is a concatenation of the members’ names “E” and “PMD” or an acronym for “Erick and Parrish Making Dollars”.

We were originally known as “EEPMD” (Easy Erick and Parrish the Microphone Doctor), but chose to go with EPMD because it was easier to say.

Parrish Smith

The group was also responsible for forming the Hit Squad with iconic rappers Redman, K Solo, Das EFX, Hurricane G, and Knucklehedz.

Time 4 Sum Aksion – Redman

Parrish Smith wasn’t the only 90’s legendary music figure our host bumped into over the weekend. Ms. Goldi also encountered Red from the teenage sensation of the early 90’s Another Bad Creation.

abc epmd
abc – epmd

Another Bad Creation ABC
Red – Another Bad Creation

Unlike today in the 1990’s there was a plethora of teenage artists making waves on the mainstream level. One of the biggest break out acts was Michael Bivens (from legendary New Edition) group called Another Bad Creation (ABC).


The members included Romelle “RoRo” Chapman, Chris Sellers, David Shelton and brothers Demetrius and Marliss (“Red” and “Mark”, respectively) Pugh. An “unofficial” member was Adrian “G.A.” (General Austin) Witcher who would later become a producer for major 90’s legends such as TLC.

Their popularity ignited the legendary teen rap wars of the 90’s which WWETV writer Venom covered a few weeks ago when he asked the question of who is the GOAT Teenage Rapper?

Another Bad Creation

Another Bad Creation members Ro Ro and Chris recently spoke about their career and the infamous era of kids robbing each other of Jordan basketball shoes in the 1990’s. Stay Tuned for more celebrity sightings from our host Ms. Goldi.


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