Erin O’Toole Trends As Being The Canadian Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump has made history in politics as being the first ever president to be impeached twice.

The problems for Donald Trump started a long time ago when he was viewed as a problematic figure that was dividing his nation. It didn’t always start that way as when he ran for President he was the underdog in a world that was new to him.

The world was shocked when he defeated the favorite Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election. He ran on making sure to put “America First”, but his slogan of “Make America Great Again” aka MAGA led to a division between races in some people’s eyes due to the past horrific actions of the United States on its own citizens such as African Americans.

His run ended with a wild rally to “Stop The Steal” which Trump endorsed and encouraged. It led to the infamous Capitol Riots and the rest is history. It would make sense that any politician at this moment in time would not want to be compared to President Donald Trump, but this is exactly what has happened to Canadian politician Erin ‘O Toole.

Check out the social media hashtag that started to trend on Twitter in Canada.