Eve Reveals Cause Of Her TV Show Cancellation

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Eve is one of the more popular female rappers in history and that fame led to her getting her own sitcom following in the steps of hip hop greats such as Will Smith with “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”.

The show received an abrupt end and many wondered why this was the case. In a recent interview for the show “Uncensored” on One TV, she spoke about why she believes the show reached a sudden end. She puts the blame on herself for convinced excessive partying causing the show cancellation.

The show aired from 2003 to 2006, but admits it may have gone on longer if she had slowed down and focused on her career. “Having my own sitcom was everything… it was pressure, it was fun, it was stressful, it was amazing,” Eve stated holding nothing back.

“I was the youngest at the time of the cast, and a lot of them were just getting married, just buying their first house or, like, just having babies,” Eve said. “I was still going to the club, trying to get to set at 9am. Trying to 9 am to a table read…”

Eve went on to explain she couldn’t keep up with the strict production schedule of her show because of all the late nights.

“When the show ended, it was definitely heartbreaking, because at that time we had done three seasons and we were family at this point,” she recalled. “I do believe a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was trying to kinda straddle both sides of my life. Still trying to hold on to kinda hanging out. And I was late a lot. That’s not cool.”

Eve says she no longer thinks about race after marrying her white husband, Maximillion Cooper. The couple lives in the U.K. but does have conversations about injustices seen in America.