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EXCLUSIVE: Black History Month With Michie Mee

Photo By Patrick Nichols 1993

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Photo By Patrick Nichols 1993

(WorldWide Entertainment TV) In today’s world of music, Canadian artists such as Drake, The Weeknd, and Tory Lanez are at the top of the charts worldwide. However, there was a time when such a thing did not seem plausible for urban artists that did hip hop music.  Yours truly, The Venom, had to take you down memory lane as I customarily do from time to time.

As hip hop was rising to become a dominant force in entertainment, the Canadian music scene rarely paid attention to the genre much less giving out recording contracts to rappers. It is through this unlikely scenario that the first ever artist to get a major deal for the genre in the country seems all the more amazing.

Michie Mee signed with First Priority/Atlantic in 1988 and shared the same label as the legendary female rapper MC Lyte. A couple of years ago, Lyte spoke with Hot 97 about Michie Mee and a picture floating around that was star studded with the likes of iconic Queen Latifah.

During Black History Month a couple of years ago, Michie Mee celebrated the 25th anniversary of her classic album “Jamaican Funk”. WorldWide Entertainment TV was on sight to film the historic event.

As seen above, Michie Mee is well documented as being apart of the first set of female rappers signed to major deals back during the early days of hip hop. She was a battle rapper that took on hip hop acts in Toronto and New York. Michie Mee also became friends with the iconic Roxanne Shante.

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