Faith Evans Informed Biggie That Tupac Was Making Hit Em Up

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

legendsNapoleon of The Outlawz gives an interview where he reveals Faith Evans told her husband, Notorious B.I.G. that his rival Tupac Shakur was making a diss record.


The hip hop rivalry between Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. is well documented, but new information has released from an interview with former Tupac associate Napoleon of The Outlawz.

The rap world could be  just as entertaining outside the studio as it is for listeners who pay attention the music created inside out of it. The 1990’s was a time period when hip-hop was going to new heights with platinum selling artists and hip hop stars becoming legitimate box office stars for Hollywood productions. However, the biggest drama may have been off the screen as Tupac Shakur went to a rap war with former friend Biggie Smalls.

After a stint in prison, Tupac had crafted a plan of attack to destroy Bad Boy Records and its top attraction, Notorious B.I.G. for what he felt was wrongdoings on their part. The hip hop world was already pressure from the government for what was deemed as music that was corrupting the youth of the day, things were about to become deadly when Tupac Shakur dropped the classic “Hit ‘Em Up” single. The song would see Shakur brag about having relations with Biggie Smalls wife, Faith Evans, who was also a singer for Bad Boy Records.  She had visited Shakur in Los Angeles for recording sessions and created vocals for the hook on the single entitled “Wonda Why They Call U A Bitch” which became just as controversial for its political controversy with C. Delores Tucker.

Needless to say, this sparked one of the more deadly times in hip hop history as the east coast / west coast rivalry went into overdrive once the song dropped. For years Faith has denied any wrongdoings during her time with Tupac Shakur, but there have been others stating otherwise. Napoleon details Faith Evans warning Biggie Smalls that Tupac was gonna diss him in a song which is contrary to past interviews where she stated that she didn’t know the two men were antagonists.

Napoleon also speaks with Art Of Dialogue about Funk Flex saying the 1994 Quad shooting incident had  Tupac Shakur actually accidentally shooting himself.  He speaks on Michael Jai White denying that he’s the one that confronted Tupac as a fan days prior to Tupac’s demise. Check out the interview below.