Faith Evans Needs To Tell Truth On 2Pac Affair Says Danny Boy

Danny Boy: Faith Evans Needs To Tell The Truth & Admit She Slept With 2Pac! I Was There; She Did!

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Danny Boy gives his opinion on the turmoil between Faith Evans and Stevie J and expresses how he wants Faith Evans to finally admit she slept with Tupac.

Faith Evans was an artist that captured the attention of the legendary Notorious B.I.G. during his reign as “King Of New York.” She was his queen that he quickly married and unfortunately the two Bad Boy Records artists would encounter marital issues.

Biggie Smalls rapped about many things including being a “player” of women. For his wife, Faith Evans that was a recipe for disaster in the world of hip hop that some say is the epitome of life imitating art.


Faith Evans would go on to marry the friend of Biggie Smalls in Stevie J. He was a producer at Bad Boy Records during the prime of Notorious B.I.G. and in recent years was known for his “player”” ways on the reality series Love & Hip Hop.

During an interview with Art Of Dialogue, former Death Row artist, Danny Boy, speaks about their recent marital issues as reported of the Stevie J and Faith Evans are in the stage of divorce.

The breakdown of their marriage began when Stevie J was accusing her of cheating and it was caught on camera. Danny Boy states that the iconic singer’s character was shown to him during her physical altercation with Tupac. He admits that he knows for a fact the event happened due to being present at the situation.

“She shown who she is when it comes to relationships. Like wasn’t Stevie J friends with Biggie”? asked the former collaborator of Tupac. He continued saying, “I wish she would just come and tell the truth” and with a confirmation of “I was there I definitely believe it.”

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