Family Of Trans Woman Defends Dave Chappelle

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dave chapelle

Dave Chappelle warned onlookers early during “The Closer” Netflix special he was going all the way in with the jokes which caused backlash online, but the family of trans woman defends the iconic comedian.

The Netflix special saw Dave Chappelle speaking on various topics from race, prejudice, and sexism. Some people believed Dave Chappelle warned that he had a mission and point to his last Netflix program to end the beef between himself and LGBTQ community.

The opposite had occurred as some groups had asked to boycott Netflix over the show such as GLAAD & National Black Coalition. Dave Chappelle had told a heartfelt story of a friend he had from the LGBTQ community to end the show, but it appears that has been glossed over in the feedback reactions to Chappelle’s comedy. Chappelle also received threats of being “cancelled” from the culture from certain groups. Daphne Dorman’s family who have come forward to defend Chappelle. Check out the coverage below by Comedy Hype.

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