Fans Argue Over DONDA & Certified Lover Boy As Winner



Judging from the current sentiment on Twitter, it appears that the winner in this unofficial showdown so far is Kanye West’s Donda. Several fans on Twitter have either completely disparaged Drake’s Certified Lover Boy or admitted that even though it is enjoyable, it doesn’t even compare to the artistry of Donda.

Now, as the official first-week sales numbers are locked in, Kanye can officially add another number-one album to his catalog, extended his run to nine-straight solo projects. According to chart data, Yeezy’s DONDA secured to top spot with a total of 327,270 album-equivalent units, with 44,311 arriving by way of traditional sales. In the process, Kanye emerged with the biggest debut of the year, though it’s uncertain how long he’ll retain that particular title.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Drake’s Certified Lover Boy compares, as The Boy recently stoked the flames of his rivalry with Yeezy on “7am On Bridle Path.” To be fair, Kanye’s unconventional release timing of a Sunday morning may have limited the number of eligible sales tracking days, but this is what the record currently states. For those keeping score, 327,270 is Drake’s to beat, and should he fall short, Kanye may very well retain the biggest debut of 2021…That is, until Kendrick Lamar shows up to play.

Drake still continues to carry his streak of streaming success regardless. LeBron James took to twitter to make another announcement surrounding Drizzy numbers. “Breaking single-day records. [owl emoji],” Apple Music tweeted. “@Drake is now the most streamed artist, and #CertifiedLoverBoy is the most streamed album, in less than 24 hours on Apple Music in 2021.” Bron added in the caption, “The Boy!!!!!! @Drake [owl emoji][clapping hands emoji].”

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