Yesterday, People published a story identifying 27-year-old Mirza Danish Baig as one of the eight people who were killed Friday night, during Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas.Baig and his fiancé were in attendance on Friday night when crowds began stampeding towards the stage on which Scott was performing, causing mass mayhem and casualties, and according to People, Baig died trying to save his fiancé.

“He managed to get it to where she was able to get out,” Baig’s brother, Ammar, told People. “Somehow, the ambulance managed to get to her and then, by the time they got to my brother, they tried resuscitating him. And they said that before they got to the hospital, he couldn’t make it.”

Ammar Baig, 29, also spoke with KHOU, a Houston-based news station, and said he believes everyone from Travis Scott to the festival’s promoters should be held responsible for their parts in this unthinkable tragedy.

“We lost our brother, we’re grieving for all the families that lost their loved ones,” Ammar told news cameras. “In this horrendous event, people that took part in this event, Travis Scott’s team, the NRG team, everybody who was associated with this should be held accountable for the lives that were lost.”