Fans Were Winners Of Verzuz with Lox & Dipset

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas


The backdrop of Verzuz was reminiscent of legendary Source Award event as Lox & Dipset deliver a memorable Verzuz event.

A monumental Verzuz took place when the Hulu Theater was the stage for a WWE style smackdown between The LOX and Dipset.  The show even had famed ring announcer Michael Buffer who has done ring announcing for boxing and WWE events.

Both Dipset and The LOX took a page out of the WWE playbook when the two camps threw insults at each other to help hype the showdown. The men made sure to remind viewers that they were good friends having fun at ribbing each other.

It was decided that The LOX’s Jadakiss stole show and his squad handled the Harlem crew.

ours before the battle on Tuesday (August 3), The LOX paid Angie Martinez a visit on her radio show on Power 105.1 where they spoke about the upcoming battle and hinted at major plans following the Verzuz. 

“We going on tour together,” Styles told Angie. “The LOX and Dipset tour. That’s going to be sick. It’s in September.” 

Styles P added, “There’s going to be merch, there’s going to be product, there’s going to be music, we’re going to fudging springboard it.” 

Angie asked if the tour was in the works before the battle or if the Verzuz inspired it, and Jadakiss revealed it was the catalyst in kicking everything off. The idea for the tour came up first, and then it snowballed into their Verzuz showdown on August 3.