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FBG Butta Claims King Von Snitched On Him In Odee Perry Murder

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King Von‘s memory continues to linger in the minds of his rivals, even years after his death. Though he has been associated with numerous criminal activities posthumously, Chicago rapper FBG Butta recently claimed that the deceased rapper once snitched on him about the murder of Odee Perry.

“You know your name holds weight when you are still a problem after you die,” one Von fan wrote on social media after hearing the news.

Since Von is no longer alive to confirm or deny these allegations, Butta’s confident delivery of the story during a recent Instagram Live argument caught the attention of many viewers.


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“They gave me 192 years for killin’ a muthaf*cka and I blamed it on my dead sister,” he proudly declared amid the chaos. Now that footage from the live is circulating online, reactions continue to pour in. “This n*gga just told on himself 💀,” one person wrote on @nojumper’s post. “Is it REALLY snitching if you lie on the opps tho?… 😂😂😂😂,” another user asked. Elsewhere, someone praised Von for his ability to stay under people’s skins posthumously. “You know your name holds weight when you are still a problem after you die 💯,” they praised the embattled artist.

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