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FBI Confirms They Found The Remains Of Brian Laundrie

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Laundrie’s remains were confirmed via dental records according to CNN.

Over the past month or so, the supposed murder of Gabby Petito has received coverage all around the world. While on a trip with her fiancee, Brian Laundrie, she ended up going missing before her remains were eventually found somewhere in Wyoming. The remains were situated close to an area in which both she and Laundrie were seen on camera. This created a lot of suspicion, and it was believed that Laundrie killed her by strangulation.

A manhunt for Laundrie commenced all across the country, and many were eager to find the suspect. Throughout the past few days, there had been some sightings of Laundrie in Florida, but there was nothing concrete. That all changed yesterday when some remains were found in a Florida Park. Authorities had a hunch that these remains belonged to the suspect, although they couldn’t tell without running some tests first.

Now, the FBI has confirmed that the remains do, in fact, belong to Laundrie. Through dental records and other forensic means, the FBI was able to confirm the identity of the body. Given this information, it appears as though the Petito case is now closed, however, it’s safe to say that authorities will now focus on figuring out exactly how Laundrie died.