Fetty Wap Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Drug Offenses

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Fetty Wap, the popular rapper, has pleaded guilty to federal drug smuggling charges in August 2022. His arrest took place in October 2021, where he was accused of being involved in a large-scale drug smuggling operation in New York. Rather than going to trial, Wap’s legal team engaged in discussions with prosecutors to negotiate a plea deal, after initially entering a not guilty plea.

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Although the charges against Wap carried a mandatory minimum sentence of five years, the extent of his involvement led to speculation that prosecutors might seek a more severe punishment despite the plea deal. In an attempt to present a more sympathetic image of Wap, his lawyers argued that his participation in the operation was driven by his financial struggles. They emphasized that personal gain was not his motivation, but rather his desire to financially support others. They claimed, “He now realizes that he does not have to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.” However, a recent report revealed that prosecutors had used Wap’s 2014 hit song “Trap Queen” as evidence to support their case for a harsher sentence.

Fetty Wap Receives Six-Year Sentence

According to a report by The New York Times and Insider, it has been determined how long Fetty Wap will be incarcerated. The judge has settled on a six-year sentence, which serves as a compromise between the mandatory minimum of five years and the prosecutor’s request for a sentence of seven years and three months. Prosecutors sought the higher sentence as a rejection of Wap’s claims made during the legal proceedings. They argued, “The defendant stated to the Probation Department that he earned $5 million during his music career. Nevertheless, he chose to supplement his income by trafficking large quantities of drugs—drugs he knew would ruin lives.”

The location of Wap’s imprisonment is currently unknown, but it is likely to be a facility in New York City or elsewhere in the state. With a mandatory minimum sentence of five years, Wap will not be eligible for parole until 2028.

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