Following NBA YoungBoy Arrest Baton Rouge PD Reportedly In Corruption Scandal

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The police department In Baton Rouge reportedly involved in narcotics corruption scandal according to WAFB9 NEWS.

NBA YoungBoy was taken by federal authorities in Los Angeles after attempting to flee from the agents in a foot chase which led to the rap star being discovered with multiple firearms. It violated his past prohibits of possession due to his previous felony aggravated assault charge. He was picked up, however, because of an outstanding federal warrant stemming from a previous arrest in Baton Rouge back in September 2020. The Baton Rouge PD responsible for his fall arrest is reportedly currently at the center of a massive narcotics corruption scandal.

According to local news station WAFB9, Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore’s office is preparing to drop 640 drug cases tied directly to “potential corruption,” within the BRPD’s narcotics unit. The cases dropped range from different possession to weapons charges dating all the way back to 2015. Of the 640 cases, they were all handled by officers Jeremiah Ardoin and Jason Acree, who were both charged in connection with corruption within the agency. The case dismissals follow a month after four high-ranking detectives within the narcotics unit were reassigned with no explanation: Sgt. Drew White, Lt. Jeff Pittman, Sgt. Shane Mouch and Sgt. Seth Sinclair.

Right now, it’s unclear whether or not the young father of seven’s charges will be included among the ones set to be dropped. A LA County court judge set his bond at $540,000 last week, which he is expected to post as early as Tuesday (March 30). That’s only if a Louisiana judge approves of it, though.