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Former OJ Simpson Prosecutor Defending Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killer

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The murder of Pop Smoke is still reeling in the hearts of hip hop fans. Two of Pop Smoke’s alleged killers, Corey Walker and Keandre Rodgers, attended a pretrial hearing for their case on Monday, and instead of entering their pleas, attorneys questioned if Rodgers’ case should be moved to juvenile because of his age.

It should be noted that Christopher Daren, of OJ Simpson’s Trial Of The Century fame, is representing Walker according to Complex. Some of Pop Smoke’s fans may not even know who he is, but long time fans of rap surely do. He was the prosecutor in the infamous OJ Simpson trail from the 1990’s. Now a defense lawyer he also was going to represent the alleged murderer of Nipsey Hussle until the backlash was too strong in Los Angeles and he backed out of the job. Darden sent another attorney in his place to Monday’s hearing. Christopher Darden didn’t publicly comment on this case.

In July, five men were arrested in connection to the Brooklyn rapper’s murder. Corey Walker and Keandre Rodgers were arrested and charged, but Jaquan Murphy was only held on suspicion and has yet to be charged. It’s unclear if Murphy will be charged at all. The other two suspects were unidentified because they’re both underaged minors, 15 and 17.