Former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter Sets Up Scholarship for Ontario school

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Vince Carter who helped to put Toronto on the map for basketball with his jaw dropping athleticism in NBA events such as the All-Star Game, is giving back to Canadians with a new scholarship opportunity.

Carter’s career ended last year with the Atlanta Hawks.After 22 seasons in the league he called it a career after playing for eight teams, but his start was with the Toronto Raptors.

“That’s where his NBA career began,” Paris Dryden of Paris Media Group, told CTV News. “He loved the atmosphere of Toronto and in Canada. He thrived here.”

The scholarship is $25,000 per student, and to apply, you need to be between 16 and 18 years old and headed into Grade 11 or 12 this fall.

“While the programs are open to all, Vince Carter strongly encourages the Black community, Indigenous community, people of colour and young women to apply,” a press release from January states.

“Statistics show that there are lower numbers of minorities and women within the named employment sectors, executive positions associated with the noted program fields but more noticeably in the STEM sector.”

The applicant needs to be passionate about a subject whether it be sports, music, science or math. They need to provide evidence of community service and a 500-word essay.

The deadline for applications is March 28.

While students don’t need to be athletes, J. Addison does have an elite girls basketball team, with some students already there on scholarship.

“Scholarships are very important because it gives them an opportunity to get into the school, get a great education, and also get access to a good university,” Lee Venditti, principal of J. Addison School, told CTV News.