Foxy Brown Booed In Her Own City After Disappointing Performance

foxy brown

Foxy Brown was the special guest of XSCAPE member and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss’ “Welcome To The Dungeon” Tour. During the stop in New York City , the legendary female rapper upset fans with her performance. It got to the point where she got kicked off the stage. Foxy Brown wore a mask which covered her face and planned to perform a strict set of her classic songs.

It was reported by XXL indicate the show happened at Terminal 5. In the video footage obtained, Brown attempts to perform the 1996 Jay Z featured track “I’ll Be,” but there seemed to be issues with her remembering the words to the single. The crowd responded with a chorus of boos.

Y’all gotta respect my girl. Let her take the mask off.

Kandi Burress

Kandi Burress tried to settle the crowd done from their negative reaction, but to no avail. It was more insult to injury, the DJ played tracks by Foxy’s long-time rival, Lil Kim. “The Jump Off” played shortly afterward.