Fredro Starr Thinks Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock was Fake

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Fredro Starr first gained notoriety for being a member of his rap group Onyx in the early 90’s, but transitioned into acting and believes fellow rapper Will Smith’s slap was an act at the Oscars.

Starr knows a thing or two about acting as he appeared in multiple episodes of the hit television sitcom “Moesha” that starred singer Brandy. The on-screen chemistry between Brandy and Starr was so convincing that many assumed they dated during their time together on the show. Starr once alleged that he and Brandy were intimate in a 2008 interview but Brandy never gave the rumor any light.

Via Vladtv, Fredro Starr floats an interesting theory that Will Smith and Chris Rock staged the infamous ‘slap heard around the world’ on Oscar night. He outlines his belief by saying that both men involved are actors and Chris Rock has already benefited from the incident in terms of ticket sales for his stand-up comedy shows.

Fredro Starr has been known to make elaborate claims on interviews in the past. According to Starr, the on-screen chemistry between him and Brandy transferred off-screen. Starr once alleged that he and Brandy were intimate in a 2008 interview. When asked whether they dated exclusively, Starr responded with, “Never…nah…nah, I never f—-d her,” he said. “Head was good, though. Head was crazy. I never hit it, though. When I was tryin’ to hit it, she was f—–g Wanyá [of Boyz II Men].”

Years later, Starr appeared on The Breakfast Club and was questioned about his previous comments by Charlamagne Tha God. The Onyx rapper angrily shot back at the host and refused to discuss the alleged relationship with Brandy.

“You need to stop with all that. Let that be what it’s gonna be,” Starr told Charlamagne. “Stop bringing up the past, B. We move to the future. I ain’t got time for that.” The radio host reminded Starr that he was the responsible party for starting the rumors. Still, Starr refused to give it any light.


“Son, like you bringing up the past, b. Let’s move to the future though,” Starr said. “What did you say? Should I say a lot of the sh– you,” he asked, referring to past controversial comments Charlamagne has made.

Brandy never commented on Starr’s comments. It’s unclear whether or not Starr has any plans to participate in the Moesha reboot that’s been in the works.