“Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” Mansion Renting For $30 Limited Time Only

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fresh prince of bel air

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air saw Will’s friend Jazz get kicked out countless of times from the popular mansion. You can now live a part of television history by booking the landmark through AirBNB for a limited time. Will Smith has has teamed with AirBNB to have a listing for “The Freshest Los Angeles Mansion Around.”

Guests are entitled to “a few royal perks”, including “a fresh

The best part of it is that you don’t need a wealthy “Uncle Phil” to fit the bill. The place is being rented for an astonishing $30 a night. Guests are entitled to “a few royal perks”, including “a fresh pair of Jordans [for] shooting some b-ball in the bedroom” and meals served on silver platters.

All interior scenes were shot on sets during the run of “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”, so when you enter the home it will not look exactly like how it was shown on television. The famous residence was used for exterior shots and, most notably, whenever Uncle Phil would throw Jazz out of the house.

The 30th anniversary of the iconic show fits right in with the revealing by Will Smith for the AirBNB and also the announcement of an upcoming reunion special that will air on HBO Max. The event will also see the return of the original “Aunt Viv” aka Janet Hubert.

The reunion is promoted as “an unscripted special looking back at the series and the cultural impact the series has had since its debut.” The show seems to get bigger in legend each year and a new re-imagined “Bel Air” is also in the works with a more dramatic twist.