“Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” Reunion Episode To Air On HBO Max

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30 years have passed since the acting debut of Will Smith on the classic 1990’s sitcom, “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” which was loosely based of his Fresh Prince rap moniker. It’s the role that took him from rap star into a transcending pop-cultural icon.

Will Smith has also announced the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air reboot of a more serious version of the series. The franchise seems to be bigger today than in its original run as it appears on multiple streaming platforms such as Netflix.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the show’s launch and HBO Max announced that they’ll be hosting a reunion episode to mark the occasion.

The date of the airing is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day in November. Will Smith, Tatyana Ali, Karyn Parsons, Joseph Marcell, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Alfonso Ribeiro, and of course, DJ Jazzy Jeff will be reuniting for an unscripted sit-down for HBO Max.

Missing persons will obviously be James Avery who passed away and played the role of “Uncle Phil” and Janet Hubert who played the original “Aunt Viv” no longer gets along with Will Smith over a quarrel during the height of the show’s popularity.

Will Smith reunited the cast earlier this year on his Snapcat series entitled “Will At Home”. He also brought on his musical counterpart in DJ Jazzy Jeff on the show which pleased many long time hip hop fans.