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#FridayFlashback – RIP Tupac Shakur Sept. 13th


(WWETV Network) This is Venom and I couldn’t let this day pass without making an exclusive article for WorldWide Entertainment TV. The landscape of hip hop changed forever on September 13th in 1996. The death of Tupac Shakur still sends ripples throughout the industry and his legend has only grown to mythical proportions.

I take you back to a heated time in the rap game when the media was putting gasoline to the fire with the eastcoast and westcoast rivalry that was steeped in controversy by the two record labels that were running the industry at the time.

It is well documented and it comes down to whether or not Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls could have quelled the fire would they be here today. Also, would they have been able to repair their friendship?

It’s been 23 years since Tupac Shakur has been murdered and there is no official resolve in terms of justice. It is a sad sentiment that one of the greatest rappers to ever do it is gone before his time, but he made timeless music that speaks to the soul of those without a silver spoon and moves those in power all the way in places like Russia.

He captured the minds of many people worldwide and his essence imo were illustrated in a couple of songs. These songs are never praised in the mainstream and picture a Tupac Shakur who wanted to really uplift his people before getting distracted with his legal and street beef that changed some of the trajectory of his music.

“Unconditional Love” was written by Tupac for MC Hammer when Hammer was apart of Deathrow Records. It was telling that when you hear the single, you hear the revolutionary side of Shakur that lined up more with his “Black Panther” background.

Come listen to my truest thoughts, my truest feelings
All my peers doing years beyond drug dealing
How many caskets can we witness
Before we see it’s hard to live
This life without God, so we must ask forgiveness
Ask mama I got this urge to die
Witness the tears falling free from my eyes
Before she could reply
Though we were born without a silver spoon
My broken down TV, show cartoons in my living room (hey)
One day I hope to make it


One very poignant message that he never really got to see come to its worldwide fruition was his dream to elevate his generation. He did so as many hip hop artists of today have learned from his music such as conscious rappers Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and more.

And my mission is to be more than just a rap musician
The elevation of today’s generation, if I could make ’em listen

Tupac Shakur – Unconditional Love

This particular song still resonates with different people from all creeds and races til this day. To see young teenagers just reading the lyrics alone and starting to cry shows how much impact Tupac’s penmanship was ahead of its time.

Regardless of where people put Tupac as a lyricist on their list of rappers, it cannot be denied that Shakur had a way of touching the emotions of listeners unlike anyone in hip hop. Not only that, but he transcends generations of listeners from new and old. This is something that cannot be overlooked in why Shakur has remained such a beloved hip hop figure.

The other song which I believe shows the true spirit of Tupac Shakur is an unreleased single entitled “Grab The Mic” aka “Starin At The World In My Rearview”. The song hears Shakur speaking from his heart about growing up and having the odds stacked against him and being labeled a high school dropout that would never make it. In song construction of this type, Shakur ensures that he reaches to the kids that may seem like they have no hope for the future.

Mama told me there’d be days like this, I never listened
Spent my childhood years in my neighborhood prison
The world don’t give a fuck about the kids
I can see from the poverty and the evil shit they did

To my young nation
Participation, more hesitation could turn lethal
When ain’t no love for a young nigga, he turn evil

2Pac – Grab The Mic (Starin At The World In My Rearview 2)

The way Tupac Shakur grabs the ears of music fans worldwide is unmatched. It saddens me however, that the world could not come together to help keep his legacy landmark in Atlanta Georgia. As of this moment, the restoration Legacy Garden of the former Tupac Center is still unknown.

Today, the memory lane #FridayFlashback is the night the news announced the passing of 2pac. The day hip hop history turned directions and led to the downfall of the one of the greatest music labels ever assembled in Deathrow Records.

This has been another exclusive article for WWETV by blogger VENOM.