Friend with 2Pac at Quad Studio Shooting Sets Record Straight

The hip hop scene today seems to play by a different set of rules. Tekashi 6ix 9ine proclaimed he was “The King Of New York”, but how would he have faired in 1994? It was a different time as hip hop was becoming more fashionable, but still had its regulations that were set forth from the previous two decades in terms of what one could get away with in their lyrics or what today is called swag/style. What is also different it seems is the rules of the street. It is easy today for hip hop personalities like Funk Flex to tell stories to newer fans about historic events such as the Quad studio shooting of Tupac Shakur with those who were not around coming to their conclusions of the night.

There have also been countless documentaries about Tupac Shakur’s life with input from various hip hop personalities such as Ice T who personally knew 2Pac. There has even been a released audio of Biggie Smalls talking about the Quad studio proving eventually what Shakur knew which was that Notorious BIG knew what happened to his friend.

Not only has Fox made a documentary about this infamous night, but so has BET when they released the “Deathrow Chronicles” with a segment explaining why Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls friendship was ruined.

Now during all these exposes no one was able to interview Zayd who was actually alongside Tupac when the shooting went down. His friend has now broken his silence to tell the world exactly what happened at Quad Studio in 1994 because he felt the truth was being muddled by people with other motives.

You can her from the horse’s mouth what the movies and documentaries have all tried to piece together. He also reveals the truth behind Tupac and his friendship with Stretch after the shooting.