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From Toronto to #WorldWide – Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up Series

Worldwide Entertainment TV

(WWETV Network) The story of how WWETV grew from a local Toronto movement to a worldwide entertainment tv media outlet that crosses borders into United States of America and United Kingdom. The humble begins of procuring the city’s legends and upcoming legends to reaching different corners of the planet.

See the rise of Toronto hip hop stars such as Pressa and Robin Banks to the historic moments of Toronto legends such as Michie Mee, Maestro Fresh Wes, Smugglaz, and more. It will all be documented on Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up Reality Series.

The trials and tribulations of running an entertainment entity in today’s social media world will be covered. Also, find out the stories behind the interviews and what controversy surrounded Worldwide Entertainment TV and the Tupac Center now known as The Legacy Garden.
Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up Reality Series

Drake & Tory Lanez

Robin Banks & Pressa

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