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“Full House” Home Sells for Over $5 Million In San Francisco

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The famous San Francisco home from Full House and Fuller House has sold for $5,350,000.

The four-bedroom, 3,728-square-foot, Victorian home, located on the city’s scenic “Postcard Row” sold last month, TMZ reports. Full House creator and executive producer Jeff Franklin purchased it in 2016, later putting it on the market in 2019. He wanted to remodel the home to look like a replica of the TV show, starting the process by painting the door red like the show. However, it has now been painted black.

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My new house in San Francisco. Look familiar?!

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Franklin’s neighbors weren’t pleased with his renovation plans since it could possibly lead to more tourists, and his building permits were taken away. Unable to rehab the home, he put it on the market.

Since Full House was shot in a Hollywood studio, audiences only ever saw the house’s exterior, never getting a glimpse of the inside of the three-story home. It features a master suite on the third floor, which has a fireplace, walk-in closet, jacuzzi tub, and picturesque views of San Francisco Bay.

While the home doesn’t resemble the show, the new owner is getting some show memorabilia: the backyard garden includes cement tiles that have hand prints and signatures from the Full House cast.