Future Alledges Baby Mother Has Mental Issues To The Courts

Future has released new music with Drake and is doing fine on the charts. However, his personal life seems to have encountered some Baby mama drama as two women have stepped forth claiming the rapper is the father of their children. Eliza Reign, who recently claimed that Future told her he’s getting married, is demanding the rapper to take a paternity test.

According to TMZ, the rapper hasn’t denied that he’s the father but he is adamant that Reign suffers from mental health issues. Future demanded that the court order her to undergo a psychological evaluation. He alleged that she’s saying harmful things about him on social media. Based on this, he believes that she needs to undergo a mental health evaluation to determine whether she has a mental disorder.

The rapper told the court that she’s wildin’ out on the ‘Gram these days. He thinks her behavior is alarming to his own well-being and the well-being of her own daughter. The rapper even brought up her rap sheet and a history of violence against her former partners with firearms.

Future added that she was taking fertility pills in order to get pregnant with his child as a way to get money out of him as well as to ruin his own reputation.