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G Unit Verzuz Dipset Will Never Happen Says Jim Jones

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The Verzuz series went to a new level when Jeezy and Gucci Mane came together to represent their catalogs and put an end to their beef. Fans started to create dream scenarios where other artists who had beef would unite on Verzuz to squash issues by entertaining the fans.

The possibility of seeing Jim Jones and French Montana on a Verzuz is something that both hip hop artists wouldn’t mind doing. However, one of the rivalries that dominated the new millennium included Harlem’s Dipset and the New York rap group G Unit. The leaders of the entities were in a heated beef as Camron and 50 Cent did not see eye to eye.

It would be a wondrous thing for New York rap scene to see these groups unite once again and end their beef, but it seems that is not going to happen anytime soon. Jim Jones alluded to this during an interview.

“People would love to see Dipset vs. G-Unit, but I doubt that would happen,” explains Jones. “There’s no camaraderie. What we gonna listen to twenty 50 Cent records pretty much? But let me stop taking jabs.”

He does believe The Lox from Yonkers would be a better matchup for Dipset. “If there were a chance for the G-Unit thing would happen, it wouldn’t exactly count it out,” says Jones. “I’d say it would probably be even more aggressive than even the Jezzy-Guwup Verzuz. I wanna wrestle and fight and shit.”

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