Gene Deal Says Diddy Cooperated With Feds Against Suge

Puffy Cooperated With The Feds According To Gene Deal - Karen Smith Article

Gene Deal speaks about the current back and forth between Bad Boy records icons Diddy and Mase, as he provides insight from head of security viewpoint.

Gene Deal says that Mase knows all the secrets of Diddy due to them being former room mates. He believes because of this closeness of their past, things can get “real ugly” in this beef. Ironically, Mase once told Gene Deal that he knew many things about Diddy too. The interviewer, Art Of Dialogue, questioned Deal about a statement he made about Diddy’s power.

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The former head of security for Bad Boy Records answered, “Out of all the award shows that you ever saw on television and they were about to go to commercial, a patriot, an actor, or anybody stop and tell the people no, we’re not going to commercial we gonna keep rolling, no matter the costs,” and “that wasn’t revolt, that was BET” to illustrate the power Diddy has in the entertainment world.

He also touched upon the friendship that Kanye and Diddy had and the recent comments Ye had about Diddy having powerful Jewish friends. Deal says after that exchange in DM, Kanye’s school got audited, his social media accounts restricted, and the JPMorgan Chase bank wants his bank account closed. The former guard for Bad Boy says “when you are in, you are in” with certain friendships with power.

Deal in response to Kanye’s Drink Champs interview about Diddy being a fed, he stated, “Well he’s talking about feds, he could be saying that he’s their ear. Puff is the one who goes back and he tells (like he did) when Suge, when J Prince, when Irv Gotti,  when they were trying to get that distribution company together, he went back and told Jimmy Iovine.” Continuing with the revelation, he said, him and Kirk Burrows took some paperwork up to the feds regarding Death Row.”