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Genius: Aretha Night 3 Recap

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The 1960’s were a time for change in the United States with different groups trying to bring about a new era of black empowerment and equality.

This sentiment was seen throughout the third night of National Geographic television’s Genius:Aretha mini-series about the iconic Aretha Franklin. In the installment for the evening, we see Aretha come into her political power in an era where she was seeing the civil rights movement first hand. A segment covered the relationship between Aretha Franklin and Black Panther’s Angela Davis.

She was also started to realize her strength in the music industry to sell records allowed her provisions to make demands on the content of her projects. Franklin also broke a mold of artists not getting producer credits on their art. The Atlanta rap icon, T.I., portrayed Ken Cunningham who helped give good counsel from her newest love which was quite the opposite of her husband Ted.

It was interesting to see how all the elements of her witnessing the civil rights movement post Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The night covered the mindset of Aretha Franklin for the era of her “Young, Gifted, and Black” Grammy winning album creation. It was a landmark album which also contested with the likes of James Brown’s anthem of “I’m Black and I’m Proud”.

Check out singles from the album in the playlist below that fused gospel and soul music which enshrined Franklin as the unchallenged “Queen Of Soul”.

Of course, the dramatic family life of a young Aretha was touched upon again. We learn more about the split between Aretha’s father and mother which appeared to be a move of aesthetics on the part of her pastor dad more than anything. Ironically, her father always concerned himself with how he would look in the public which apparently carried over to Aretha Franklin wanting her image to be perceived in a “Queen” fashion.

The night ended with Aretha’s iconic live gospel concert documentary where she finally got her due respect as a producer in the credits. It was another good performance by all parties and check out the online reactions below the re-enactment of the original concert and more.