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Genius: Aretha Night 4 Reactions

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National Geographic provided a multi-night series that covered the illustrious career of the once in lifetime artist that was known as the “Queen Of Soul”.

Through Sunday March 21st to Wednesday March 24th, fans got an intimate look at Aretha Franklin through the “Genius” platform. The show created controversy when the son of Aretha wanted everyone to boycott the series, but for the most part the series has received a good reaction from fans.

Starring Cynthia Erivo, we got a lot of information from her early days in Detroit to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. The series did not ignore the trials and tribulations Franklin faced to become the iconic singer that the globe fell in love with.

Tony and Emmy winning actor, Courtney B. Vance played the father of Aretha Franklin. He did a tremendous job in the role of C.L. Franklin. Some of the best scenes from the series included Vance.

On the final night, we see Aretha Franklin transition into the world of acting as her fight for women and her people sees more opportunity for her culture. The producer who helped to shape the marketing in the entertainment world retired from her label, Atlantic, which saw her making new moves and changes that didn’t really please those around her.

It really demonstrated how the star had the talent of being an all-time great entertainer that spanned different decades. National Geographic displayed how she was a force to be reckoned in the 1960’s competing with “Motown Sound” of Marvin Gaye along with the new generation of The Jackson Five. Also seeing her transition into the 70’s music world and adding acting to her resume showed how dedicated she was and a hard worker even when she doubted herself as a “has been”.

It was fantastic how her efforts to charting in the excessive 1980’s with larger than life acts such as Michael Jackson in his prime with Thriller showed her tenacity. The talent of Aretha lasted decades and the program definitely got that across to its viewers.

She broke up with her boyfriend and moved onto a new relationship that led to her marriage that carried her through some times of doubting her future. Her father also saw a decline in his health which also took a toll on the singing sensation. From reactions online, it appears that the show did a great job of getting the emotions out of her loyal fans.

The show ended on a strong note of her Grammy performance that portrayed her folklore night of replacing an legendary Opera singer at last notice. Now we wait to see the the big screen adaptation that stars Oscar winning Jennifer Hudson.

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