Georgia Officials Looking Into R. Kelly

(VIA CNN) R. Kelly may find himself in trouble with the law as a report from CNN is proclaiming an investigation in Georgia due to the airing of a Lifetime documentary series entitled Surviving R. Kelly. The series showcased allegations towards the R & B singer that included abuse, predatory behavior and pedophilia against the singer.

Gerald Griggs, an attorney for the family of Joycelyn Savage, one of the women featured in “Surviving R. Kelly,” said the Fulton County District Attorney reached out to Griggs a few days ago, after the show aired.

Griggs said the Fulton County DA is conducting an investigation into Kelly.

A “no comment” was made by Chris Hopper who is the public information officer for the Fulton County DA when asked if there was an open investigation of Kelly in Georgia.

Griggs said he was asked to provide a list of witnesses in regards to events that allegedly took place in Kelly’s house in the northern Atlanta suburb of Johns Creek in 2017.

CNN has reached out to Kelly’s attorney, Brian Nix, for comment.

“Surviving R. Kelly” revived scrutiny of longstanding allegations against the R&B singer, who is originally from Chicago.

The six-part docuseries featured accounts from accusers and interviews with Kelly’s close friends regarding his life and a host of allegations.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx urged potential victims or witnesses to speak to police.

“Please come forward. There is nothing that can be done to investigate these allegations without the cooperation of victims and witnesses,” Foxx said in a news conference. “We cannot seek justice without you.”

On January 3, Timothy Savage, the father of Joycelyn Savage, filed a police report alleging he was receiving harassing calls from Don Russell, whom he called Kelly’s manager. According to a copy of the report obtained by CNN, Russell threatened Timothy Savage with retribution if he continued to support the documentary.

When reached by CNN, Russell declined to comment and identified himself as an “independent entertainment consultant,” not Kelly’s manager.

Common states his belief that the African American community failed R. Kelly’s survivors, but that is coming to an end.