Gillie Da Kid Explains Why No One Cares If Drake Has Ghostwriters

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Gillie Da Kid and Wallo speak about the history of hip hop and its tension of having ghostwriters revealed for rappers.

Of course the essence of hip hop started with a rapper being able to tell his truth in his own words, but as the business side of the genre grew. It started having ghostwriters for some of the biggest stars and it always lend questions to the credence of a star in terms of being called a GOAT for his work. Of course working in unison on songs is expected when artists are in their creative mode in the studio. Giving a hook here or a line there by a fellow artist or producer isn’t really frowned upon, but a ghostwriter laying out whole songs or flows is usually a “no no” if someone wants to be considered “the best in the game”. This topic was revisited once again on the popular broadcast of The Breakfast Club with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo.

“Let me just tell you something, man. Music is about going in the studio, having fun, expressing yourself. Sometimes it’s one person in there, sometimes it’s three persons in there. Sometimes it’s five people,” said Gillie. Wallo added that many of our favorite tracks had multiple writers to help pen the hit.

“Beyoncé don’t write all her music. Rihanna don’t write all her music,” said Gillie. Wallo chimed in to say that other genres of music don’t focus on who-writes-what as much as Rap and Hip Hop. Gillie added, “Guess who don’t care that Drake ain’t write that music? The woman that’s gone suck his d*ck at the end of the night.” Check out the clip below.ghostwrit