Gillie Da Kid Reacts To Being Canceled Over “All Lives Matter” Video

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all lives matter

Gillie Da Kid has found a nice lane for himself as he entertains his followers with his “Barstool Sports Podcaster” show. The Philly rapper who has been rumored to be Lil Wayne’s ghostwriter. He also shares a sentiment that got Lil Wayne backlash as Wayne has scoffed Black Lives Matter. Gillie Da Kid is now getting backlash for an old when he blurted out “All Lives Matter” that started floating online again on July 9th.

The Philly representative decided to speak out against the Black Lives Matter movement because he says his opinion is always being sought out.

“So I keep getting the same questions: ‘Gillie, what don’t you give no game about Black Lives Matter?’” he huffed during opening of his social media announcement. “Because I don’t get into that shit, nigga. ALL lives matter, nigga. I don’t give a fuck if you white, black, blue, purple, brown, tangerine … nigga ALL lives matter. Y’all want a nigga to go out there head first and tell these muthafuckin’ white people ‘Black Lives Matter???’ But my Black life didn’t matter to the nigga that tried to execute me. To the nigga who shot me in my muthafuckin’ wrist, stomach and my foot. The nigga that tried to have my momma singing, ‘It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye.’ My Black life didn’t matter to that nigga! All the niggas I knew been shot by niggas!!!”

The debate about the actual numbers of blacks killing blacks have been debated over the years.

Gillie Da Kid went online to explain the video above is not anything that was said during the current climate. He doubles down on his thoughts and states he doesn’t care what others say because he actually speaks with kids in jail and more about not contributing to the violence.