Goldberg Challenges Roman Reigns

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goldberg roman reigns


The 1990’s era of pro wrestling is affectionately remembered as the “Attitude Era” of the WWE as the company rose from the ashes to defeat WCW in the ratings.

The WWE had fierce competition for the first time ever on a weekly basis back then. WCW would eventually be sold to Vince Mcmahon and become apart of his empire. Bill Goldberg was a guy who gave WWE a challenge when it came to his appearances on television up against Monday Night RAW.

His segments on WCW Nitro were some of the highest rated in that company’s history and he became a star for his power matches. His signature move was “The Spear” and was apart of his mythical 100 plus win streak in WCW.

As the years went by he would end up going to WWE to see if he could compete in his competitor’s league. He would find medium success in comparison, but in the modern WWE gave fans a memorable blowout match against the popular Brock Lesnar.

Now he has challenged Roman Reigns for a match despite not being in the ring since earlier this year at the unusual quarantine WrestleMania. Roman Reigns is also known for having his finishing move being the spear. Check out the interview below as maybe fans will now get to see the bout that was originally suppose to be the main event of WrestleMania earlier in the year.