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Good Times Animated Series Coming To Netflix

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The original black family to air on television in “The Evans” is making a comeback. The iconic sitcom, “Good Times”, has been ordered to return in animated format on Netflix.

Variety reports Netflix has given the green light for a 10-episode take on Norman Lear’s classic sitcom “Good Times.” Lear and his Act III Prods. shingle is partnering with basketball star Steph Curry and his production company, Unanimous Media, as well as Seth MacFarlane and his shingle Fuzzy Door, to develop the show.

Good Times will follow the original in terms of the Evans family going through struggles that black families go through today’s world and contemporary social issues.

Norman Lear believes with today’s “Black Lives Matter” mantra and current demands for social equality the time is right for its return. “We can’t think of anything better, at this time in our culture, than a reimagining of Good Times,” said Lear and producing partner Brent Miller in a statement. “In a year filled with darkness, this is one bright light we won’t soon forget.”

For the Christmas holidays, new viewers and long time fans of the series got a live episode of Good Times for ABC as part of the network’s Live in Front of a Studio Audience franchise. It starred Andre Braugher, Viola Davis, Jay Pharoah, Asante Blackk and Tiffany Haddish.

The original show was pivotal in its social engineering of how blacks were perceived as a family in the 1970’s. The program was a smash hit, but had a lot of issues backstage with the cast and crew. Check out the video below with the creator of Good Times calling out Norman Lear’s practices.

The show would hit on sensitive topics that years later is still controversial such as the classic “Black Jesus” episode seen below.