Grammys May Have Snubbed The Weeknd Over Superbowl: Report

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The Weeknd has three Grammy awards and is one of the more popular artists in the music industry today. This is the reason why fans were perplexed when the Toronto artist did not receive any nominations for his latest project that was released earlier this year.

The Recording Academy’s interim President/CEO Harvey Mason Jr. attempted to give a reason for his omission for the next annual event. In an interview with Billboard, Mason briefly touched on the snubs after being asked about The Weeknd and Harry Styles who missed out on the “Big Four” categories. He said, “For The Weeknd, in every year you only have a certain amount of people you can nominate for each category. As for Harry, he has some great nominations this year [even though he wasn’t nominated in the top categories]. We are excited about some of the other categories where he was nominated. It’s never easy to tell where people are going to land.”

He added that The Academy had a “very diverse group of new voters” and didn’t have much to say when it was noted that these “new voters” seemed to value rising, lesser-known artists than those who have established careers and bodies of work. “[Hesitantly] Yeah, it’s interesting,” said Mason.

“We take it very seriously. We review every bit of music that is submitted,” he added elsewhere in the interview. “From year to year, it is really hard to predict who is going to be nominated and who’s not. I personally wish we could give everybody a nomination, but there are only a certain amount of slots. There were some amazing records that did not get nominated.”

It is now being reported by TMZ, that there may be politics between organizations over the snub. The Weeknd’s team was in talks for weeks with Grammy brass, who issued the ultimatum of Grammy Award show or Super Bowl LV. It is said that both sides eventually came to an agreement where Abel could do both, but not without negotiations getting very testy.

Sources are now believing that Abel’s decision to perform at this year’s Super Bowl may have suspiciously cost him Grammy nominations. The two events are happening a week apart and some believe The Grammys feel they may be getting a duplicate in comparison to the original Half-Time show The Weeknd would give the NFL.