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Grandmaster Flash Says Drake Uses “Prince Formula”

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

Grandmaster Flash is a fan of Drake’s versatility and the way he creates music with diversity in the rap industry.

The pioneers of hip hop were present for the Grammys special presentation of 50 years of hip hop as the likes Grandmaster Flash shared the stage with newcomers like GloRilla. Drake has undoubtedly had an impact and depending on who you speak to it has been positive or negative. One thing for sure, Drizzy has led a new generation of rap stars with a diverse style according to one of the founding fathers of hip hop.

During a conversation with Billboard on the Red Carpet of the Grammys, he praised Drake as a “genius” for his versatility.

“He is probably the only rapper, and I want to speak on his talent because he’s a great rapper, but he’s the only one, in my opinion, that’s daring enough to rap on a trap beat, to rap on a disco beat, to rap on ballad beat,” Grandmaster Flash said. “I would call it like a Prince formula. When Prince makes records, it does not sound like his last record. Drake is daring enough to rap on all different types of beats. I think he’s a consummate genius.”

Last night, Drake took home his first Grammy award in four years, despite not submitting any music for nominations. His contributions to Future’s “WAIT FOR U” alongside Tems helped secure the Grammy for Best Melodic Rap Performance.

Grandmaster Flash clearly embraces the new generation of artists who came after him. Last year, he praised Coi Leray for sampling “The Message” in her viral hit, “Players” “When I got a call saying this girl wanted to resurrect the beat of a song from my past – I wanted to learn more,” he wrote on Instagram last year. “Then when I spoke with & met @coileray, I TOTALLY got it. Go listen to PLAYERS by Coi Leray now.”