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Green Sabbath – Countdown To Climate Change “Sun”day Law?


pope francis climate change

Reports are coming out throughout the year that a possible “Green Sabbath” to acknowledge the planet needing rest from humans is needed to prevent pandemics such as the current one striking the world. Climate alarmists–from the Pope to Rabbis to Greta–are calling for a Sunday “Green Sabbath,” forcing people to stay home in deference to Gaia. Now that people are used to perfect surveillance and enforced lockdowns, the stage is set for this truly Satanic inversion: worship of the creation, instead of the Creator, on a day chosen by the Catholic church. Agenda 2030 and spiritual battles are playing out before our eyes — will you be corralled along, or stand up as a free human and refuse to worship their Earth Day Jubilee?

There was a clock installed in New York recently that counted down how much time the world has left for possible destruction from climate change. Check out the video below.