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Growing Up In Michael Jackson’s Shadow! Janet In Her Own Words

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The Detail which is an amazing platform that documents the life and times of The Jacksons, gave a great series about Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson’s sibling love and rivalry. The two were very talented children that mirrored each other in terms of rise in popularity although one would become the biggest act ever with his Thriller album.

Janet Jackson was always known as the Michael’s baby sister. Growing up the shadows of her brothers pop superstardom and then becoming a child TV star herself, Janet discusses the difficulties of being famous at a young age and her struggle to create her own path and career as a music artist in her own right.

Michael and Janet were the closest growing up out of the Jackson children, and as adults were both able to achieve incredible feats in the realm of pop music. But how did their upbringing prepare for phenomenal superstardom? And did the siblings ever clash in their pursuit for the spotlight? The video below chronicles these very questions with an overview of what it was like to be two beloved superstars in the entertainment world, while at the same time being children and teenagers growing up during the 1960’s to 1980’s.

Michael and Janet Jackson were unique in their desire to break out and make musical legacies of their own. After two failed records, Janet was determined to fight convention and achieve her own success outside of her famous family. The result was ‘Control’, her third album released in 1986. The new direction managed to garner Janet both commercial and critical success, taking her straight up to the top of the pop music scene. However comparisons and fights for control over her career were never far away, as she challenged others to gain respect and credibility as an artist and genuine performer.

After the initial success of her ‘Control’ album, Janet set her heights higher in an attempt to broaden the confides of pop music and challenge the records her brother set before her. Resulting in the release of ‘Rhythm Nation 1814’, an album that garnered the youngest Jackson an unprecedented level of success, both critically and commercially, all a while breaking numerous records in the process. But what was Michael’s reaction to Janet’s growing star power? And did he ever fear he would be overshadowed by his baby sister?

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