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Gucci Mane Has Regrets Over “Verzuz” Insults with Jeezy

Hip Hop News with Wanda Davidson

One of the most watched Verzuz in history, Gucci Mane and Jeezy, saw the long term rivals provided viewers unlikely entertainment decades after this beef in 2020.


Back in 2005, the rapper was reportedly attacked by a group of men at a residence. Gunfire rang out and Clark was killed in the fray. Gucci has insisted that he was only acting in self-defense, and although he was tacked with murder charges, they were later dismissed.


“I didn’t know when I got on the stage, that was gonna happen, I was gonna say that,” he said while on the Rap Radar Live panel according to Complex. “I ain’t like, ‘I’m bringing negative energy.’ It just really came out.”

“I mean what I say, I say what I mean. So my thing was, if I was bad enough to say it in the studio, I’m bad enough to say it in your face.” He also addressed performing his 2005 track “The Truth” on Verzuz—a song where he openly disses Clark.

“I don’t even like to perform that song. When I left, I was like, ‘Damn. I wish I wouldn’t have said what I said.’”

At the end of this Verzuz, Gucci and Jeezy revealed that they had put the past behind them and even released a song together.