Gucci Mane Speaks On Foogiano Arrest With Billboard

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Gucci Mane has turned his life around after receiving a prison stint and speaks on his artist Foogiano’s legal woes.

The label owner for 1017 stated, “Foogiano getting arrested and locked up, that put a damper on everybody’s spirit. He’s going through the same things that I went through. It has been tough seeing him go through that, especially with him having a little boy. Me and him had a son right around the same time. He’s in good spirits, but it’s still unfair to him, and we’re going to try and appeal it.”

He sees his label as something that will grow into a huge empire that will be similar to Walmart. “We’ve been like a family. I want to make my artists a part of everything I do. And we’re going to all grow together,” he said, stating that 1017 is more of a “niche mom-and-pop” label right now but will eventually turn into “a big Walmart.”

Of course, his “Verzuz” encounter with Jeezy was a topic due to the tense nature of the showdown with their checkered past. Gucci Mane explained, “It was a good step forward. For us to do that and for nothing bad to happen, that was great. If you wait on [the world] to give some credit, either they’re going to do it when you’re dead or when somebody has fallen off and they’re not relevant anymore. They never give it to the person when they’re still in the moment.”

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