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Halle Berry Being Trained UFC Style For New Movie

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has dazzled the eyes of movie goers for years due to her stunning beauty. Now she is in the works of adding fighting skills to her repertoire of drawing in movie lovers. The Oscar-award winning actress is currently directing and starring in a film called Bruised which is all about MMA.

Cris Cyborg gym is where Berry is being shown the techniques of MMA. Her trainer is none other than Brian Ortega who is the second-ranked featherweight fighter in the UFC. Ortega spoke with TMZ Sports about the training regiment and how he specifically wants to teach her the way of Jiu-Jitsu.


“My main goal is to get her jiu-jitsu looking dope as f*ck,” Ortega tells TMZ Sports … “We’re gonna drill her hard.”

The UFC fighter also explained how he is super excited to be able to work with Halle and that he plans to keep things professional between the two. Back in February, Berry called Ortega her Man Crush Monday on Twitter.