Halle Berry Wrote Love Letters To Suge Knight States Former Producer

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Today Suge Knight is facing prison time, but back in the day he was making time with Halle Berry according to former Death Row Records producer Kurt Kobane.

In an interview with The Art of Dialogue, the producer spoke openly about his Deathrow Record days. One of the topics included the celebrity women that were attracted to the label boss Suge Knight.

“You’ve gotta understand who Suge Knight was at this time,” he said. “He was a young dude, millionaire plus, so he had access to all the Hollywood women. There was love letters that we found after Suge went to jail when he wanted us to clear out certain things, there was love letters from Halle Berry. I seen those love letters. I seen Halle Berry at the studio, I just didn’t know what she was there for. She was into him at the time.”

Tupac Shakur was also known for having celebrity women flocking to him during his tenure on Deathrow and Kobane talked about that as well. Kurt Kobane confirmed seeing actress Salli Richardson around as well, who wound up dating Tupac Shakur.

“He had everybody calling him,” he said of 2Pac. “I mean from Left Eye to Monica — and Monica was only 15; she wasn’t getting call backs or anything like that — you can’t name no female from ’95, ’96 that wasn’t calling 2Pac. Monica couldn’t get back there. She couldn’t get the phone calls. I’d be hanging out by the receptionist desk and a lot of times it was Monica calling. She could never get back to the studio. She was too young. She called a few times.”

Check out the full interview below.


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