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“Halloween” Icon Michael Myers Receives “Cancel Culture”

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Despite being a famous character in horror film history, Michael Myers has been accused of being a homophobic murderer due to the latest installment of the franchise.

The character has been in numerous movies and has killed over a hundred people during the years. Michael Myers is in hot water, but not for his murderous actions on folks. The Halloween icon has caused a stir with the most recent installment of the franchise, Halloween Kills, as horror fans began accusing the never-dying villain of homophobia.

Some people have called out the accusation as silly and an overreach, but others believe the character needs an adjustment for his actions on gays.

Spoiler alert: Because Michael Myers kills a gay couple in the film Halloween Kills, there have been a select few who have taken to the internet to somehow make this an anti-LGBTQIA conversation.

There have been op-ed articles written about the topic, and after experiencing the hammer come down on them pretty hard, people who once supported this line of thought have backtracked, stating that it was all just a joke. However, not everyone is buying it and they are expressing themselves by the thousands.

Read through a few reactions which include someone referring to Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” in reference to cancel culture revolving around LGBTQ community.